Annual General Meetings

Planned and executed to ensure members & guests walk away with a positive attitude

Annual General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting, or AGM, is an event held once a year by an organization looking to give stakeholders, the general public and members a transparent overview of the organization’s direction and financial outlook. Members and guests can expect to hear reports from the organization’s committee regarding the achievements from the past year. It’s also the time that a vote is held and a new committee is elected for the year ahead.

Ivents By Geico Events understand that AGMs are important events that need to be planned and executed properly to ensure members and guests walk away with a positive attitude about the organisation and its goals.

To help plan your upcoming AGM, We consider the following:


  • The venue
  • The notice of meeting
  • The audiovisual technology
We look at suitable venues, then arrange site visits so you can determine if a venue meets all of your requirements. Will you need a board room, a large meeting room or a function room? Will you be offering refreshments during or after the meeting? Will there be a time for mingling or networking before or after the AGM, and if so, will that take place in the same room as the meeting itself? We consider accessibility of the venue in terms of public transport access and parking, through to wheelchair access and other amenities. Once we have a venue, we help set a date and time, and book the meeting or function room, ensuring it’s big enough to accommodate a minimum number of people.
With as much notice as is possible and appropriate, we produce a notice of AGM for members which provides details about the meeting, including the date, time, venue and information about the election.
We ensure that the venue you hire can handle your audiovisual requirements. If not we provide all audio visual equipment. Our Equipment and teams are experts at supporting AGMs of all varieties. From staging to lighting and audiovisual support, we’ve got you covered for your next AGM.