Chairs and Tables

Chairs and Tables

Looking for quality table and chair rental services? You have come to the right place! We also offer party tents, linens and lighting rentals at VERY competitive prices.

Our Tables:

• Increased use of space allowing more people to sit per square foot, potentially saving you money from having to rent a larger tent with round tables.

• Durable yet lightweight making it easy to move them to different locations during your event.

• Visually appealing and easy to decorate

We provide
1. Round Tables
2. Rectangular Tables
3. Coffee Tables
4. Cocktail Tables

Our Chairs

Our Wide Variety of chairs you can use for your event will blow your mind.
1. Chiavari Chairs
2. Plastic Armless Chairs
3. Foldable Chairs
4. Lounge Seats
5. Bleachers
6. Dior Chairs
7. OZ Luxe Chairs

• Safety first! Every one of our chairs has a 700 pound weight capacity. Many other chair rental companies only offer chairs with only a 350 pound weight capacity. This can be very unsafe after repeated use through the years.

• Our beautiful white chairs will easily match the colors you have chosen for your event.

• A sleek design making it easy to maneuver the chairs while also saving space.

* Please note: ALL of our tables and chairs are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before EVERY event.