Corporate Breakfasts

Business events held over breakfast work best

Corporate Breakfasts

Ivents by Geico events understands that Business events held over breakfast work well for two key reasons. 
Firstly, attendees are more likely to RSVP as they will not feel like you are interrupting their day or taking them away from their personal time. 
Secondly, numerous studies suggest that early mornings are when the majority of people are at their most alert and productive. 

For these key reasons, events which require participation from attendees, such as training, networking, educational or fundraising events, will get great results. In fact, most business events work well over breakfast, and we think events that include inspirational speakers, motivational business coaching, charity awareness or leadership training work particularly well over the morning time slot.

Ivents by Geico Events has discovered the secret to planning successful breakfast events.
Our Top Eight Tips. We ensure that:

  • 1. We serve great coffee!
  • 2. We Guide our Clients to pick the right menu.
  • 3. We ensure you have an energetic MC!
  • 4. Kick start the day on a positive note!
  • 5. Prepare questions for the speakers
  • 6. We create easy networking opportunities
  • 7. We help you come up with an enticing prize draw or goodie bag
  • 8. We ensure you have a time keeper.

Coffee! Ensuring there is great coffee available on arrival and throughout your event is a MUST for breakfast events.  Coffee service needs to be available for guests as soon as they walk in the door. We make sure the service is quick and don’t skimp on quality. Cold or tasteless coffee will not be tolerated.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and guests are more than likely going to arrive hungry. To ensure your guests feel fresh and energized and ready to tackle the event content, serve a balanced breakfast to kick-start their day.  We ensure a light meal is served, yet hearty breakfast menu.

While some people are at their most alert in the morning, others will need a little more encouragement to fire up. Having an energetic MC or host will help to brighten up your event, keep it moving and ensure the event runs on time.

We work together with you to come up with a programme that works for your event. Speakers should be motivational, presentations should inspirational, training and workshops should be upbeat! People want to start their day on a positive note, so give them content that fuels this desire.

Having some pre-prepared questions for speakers in the back pocket is a good tip for any type of event. As the event organizer we ensure you familiarize yourself with the speaker’s content before they present it. Jot down a few questions or even consult the speaker ahead of time about planned questions. If this is not possible, then listen carefully throughout the presentation yourself and prepare questions as you go (it’s easy for guests to forget questions if they wait right until the end to ask). Lead by example, it only takes a question or two to get the Q&A going.

Networking is a key ingredient of most business events. Without the confidence booster of a glass of wine, guest may not feel ready to network first thing in the morning and will need a little help from you to get started. Breakfast networking is best done during the event or after – if you try to force it on guests before the event revs up you will notice people standing awkwardly with coffee cup in hand staring at their phones – they are not awake yet!

We use tips that we learned over our years of experience.

• At the beginning of the event collect business cards from guests and ask if there is anyone there they are particularly keen to meet. Assign a few key staff members to arrange introductions post-event or sit guests at the same table.

• Facilitate time within your event schedule for guests to introduce themselves to people at their table or sitting near them.

• Encourage people to hand out five business cards to new contacts they have never met. Setting a challenge to the whole group sees them more likely to take action where they might have otherwise been too shy on their own.

You have given your guests a hot coffee, a delicious breakfast and engaging content, what else do they want from you? Well, a little gift doesn’t hurt anyone does it?! Unlike an evening networking event where guests are on their way home, attendees of breakfast events are more than likely going straight to the office. This means that a branded gift is actually going to end up in the right place – the office desk where they can be reminded day in and out of your cause or brand. Putting together an enticing prize is also a great way to keep guests lingering around for the prize draw announcement.

Time is precious and while you have managed to occupy your guests make sure you send them on their way on time! People RSVP to breakfast events knowing that attending will not interrupt their day too much - so we ensure you keep this unsaid promise to your guests and keep your event to time.