Event Security

Ivent Management Solutions works with Secure Area a sister company to provide the best service in Security since 2000.
We provide event Security and Private Security when needed.
Secure Area have pioneered a range of security services to give you and your Peace of Mind.

Securing your premises with them gives you comprehensive protection around the clock.
Secure area Response service will protect you in case of intrusion, medical emergency, fire or any other emergency. Have peace of mind that children left with their maids at home can be secure at the push of a button.

In order for our service to achieve a high standard of efficiency to our clients we have...

i.  The highest number of vehicles in any area covered by us, and having close by back up to the first response vehicle covering you.

ii.  Highly trained staff that know you, and keep an eye on your security needs wherever you are.

iii. Bespoke, fail safe technology.

iv. A price that has NO hidden extras

Call us now to arrange a free security survey of your property. We can design a state of the art security system tailor-made to suit your needs.