Amplify your message, expand your community & connect.

Exhibitors and Trade Shows

Ivents by Geico Events Exhibition and trade shows aim to amplify your message, expand your community and connect with your audience face to face.

At Ivents by Geico we understand the Expectations are high when your trade show, exhibition and convention doors open. Attendees are ready to be inspired.
Buyers are on the hunt for new products. Sponsors and exhibitors are eager to connect with customers. This is the moment of the year for your community to come together.

Partnering with Ivents by Geico ensures that everyone gets what they need, when they need it so your event is a success.

The experiences we create bring industry leaders and professionals together to share knowledge, build partnerships, and make connections.


  • Our Scope of Work?
  • Custom Exhibition Stands.

Ivents by Geico Trade Shows and Exhibitions works with you step by step to ensure your event comes to life and you meet your objectives.

1. Concept Development

2. Venue Sourcing

3. Mobilization of Sponsors and Participants.

4. Mobilization of Attendees

5. Floor Plans and Set up

6. Event Management and Staffing

Ivents by Geico Trade Shows and Exhibition Create Customized exhibition stands to boost you audience engagement. Ivents by Geico has experienced creative team that will take time to understand your brief and budget before creating a show stopping design. They work closely to ensure you receive what you envision.