Experiential Marketing

Focus on strengthening connections between people and brands.


Ivents By Geico Events is a premier experiential marketing agency focused on strengthening connections between people and brands.
We strategize with brands to attract their target audience through customized events and experiences.

We also build data capture capabilities into each of our events to give brands valuable information about their customers.
From idea inception and creative planning to staffing and final execution, our team works to develop campaigns and activations that speak to your customers.

Our live interactive events and experiences take place across East Africa. We also have a nationwide network of individually-trained, enthusiastic, personable, and knowledgeable brand ambassadors.

These brand ambassadors attend custom training sessions for each brand and each campaign,

This ensures that the talent present at your event will accurately represent your brand.

As an agency, Ivents By Geico Events has years of on-site brand representation experience and has worked with a number of notable brands.

We are trusted every day by brands to craft custom live events and experiences to build brand awareness, to strengthen customer-brand relationships, to drive customer engagement, to increase sales, and to organically collect vital consumer data.

We work hard to understand your visions and values, which supports the foundation of trust that our company is built on. We don’t work with clients whose values do not align with our own, and that exclusivity allows us to build trust from day one, while giving 100% to each experiential marketing endeavor we take on. We would love to speak with you regarding your brand’s next experiential marketing campaign.