Team Building


Ivents By Geico Events Team building experts will take the hassle away.
We secure the best rates, ensure everything runs smoothly and plan the ideal itinerary for your team.
Our Ivent by Geico team will take care of everything, so you can just enjoy it.
Our events build confidence, strengthen resolve and develop personality far beyond the realms of the workplace.
Qualities like these will help your team gel together, foster that elusive team spirit and create renewed energy and focus for work on which greater productivity relies.
Ivents By Geico Events has years of experience in delivering impressive team building events for many top brands.
Our knowledgeable team delivers bespoke team building events, individually tailored to match clients’ requirements.
Ivents By Geico Events has an excellent track record of delivering effective team building events that improve business performance; whether it is a family fun day, networking event, staff engagement, participative event, or team building.
We offer a variety of activities to suit indoor and outdoor events including competitive, creative, physical, culinary, and Christmas activities.

Corporate Team Building Events

Our team building activities are carefully designed to maximize the potential of a day out of the office. Whether you are looking for a day of creativity, outdoor challenges, or making your staff feel pampered at an elegant drinks party, we are dedicated to making this a reality.

Ivents By Geico Events Team building activities offer the following benefits:
• Provide an opportunity for people to communicate with one another on different levels
• Highlight an individual’s key skills and personality traits
• Encourage cooperation and friendly competition
• Enhance morale and team spirit
• Employees are faced with new challenges and learn new skills
• Lifts productivity and increases motivation to create a better office environment

Our corporate team building activities are designed to provide a fun day out of the office which leaves employees with overriding sense of comradely and accomplishment.

We have a diverse portfolio of indoor and outdoor team building activities for your company to choose from. Whilst we like to think that all our activities are fun and encourage people to work together, they are so much more than that. Our activities are designed to test a range of skills and traits such as problem solving, creativity, and competitiveness.